A haunting new video from The Man of every hour, FlyLo.

This particular track is one of my favourites from the album (You’re Dead!) and appears halfway through when the protagonist is beginning to connect with the fact that he is dying, however is still not completely at peace with it. The video follows this concept closely and illustrates the idea of death dancing* at every corner; an inescapable and unsettling fate. While the imagery throughout is dark and morbid, the clip ends with a stirring surrender and a beautiful gunshot splatter of blood-red rose petals.

*(Literally dancing – FlyLo can be seen at 3:09, and more death angels cutting shapes at 3:37)



[*Visual above came out only 2 days ago – This is the 1st of 2 tracks from You’re Dead! already released. Kendrick’s flow is seamless on FlyLo’s production, and this video? I cried*]

The masterful mind of Steven Ellison – better known as Flying Lotus – is a consistent and renewing resource that gives and gives. I don’t know how we mere mortals figure we’re worthy of all this musical goodness, so first off I’d like to thank my connect.

In a few days, FlyLo’s 5th studio album You’re Dead! is due for release. The last time I was this excited for an album was probably Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange (2012), or last year’s 6 Feet Beneath the Moon by King Krule. (If you know me at all, you know how highly I hold Frank & Archy so you can probably assume my levels of anticipation at this point.)

Whether you’re FlyLo’s biggest fan, or someone who has only caught a few of his better known tracks/collaborations in passing, I think we can all agree has an undeniable gift. His appeal not only crosses genres, but is so far-reaching that he’s probably your favourite producer’s favourite producer. (By the way, he can rap too. Check out Captain Murphy’s Duality, 2012) He creates music that is innovative, experimental, and ground-breaking; All while ensuring his sound remains digestible and palatable – Oh, and he makes it look easy; natural even.

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