[Photo by Kayla Reefer]

I met the charismatic CJ – more commonly known as Cashius Green or Pastor Green – through my friend Anthony (Speak!) around this time last year when we all stayed at the same house in Palm Springs for Coachella.

I think anyone who knows CJ personally will agree, the first and most striking thing about him is his way. He walks into the room with so much style that it’s hard not to stop and stare. His swag is effortless; He dresses like a 90s pimp enroute to a pool party – Not an easy look to pull off but CJ kills it.

While he hails from the West, his accent drips with a Southern drawl due in part to family roots in Memphis. His voice on a track is unmistakable – He has a rap style that goes hand in hand with his look and personality; the words dance over the beat with dynamic and calculated rhythm.

His is the type of cool you can’t emulate.

[Cashius Green by Me]

Get to know the Pastor –

Dove: Who are you, where are you, what do you do, & why do you do it?

Cashius: I’m an artist, Botanist, Outer-space Baller, Astral Traveller, Healer, Teacher, International Pleyboy, Son, Brother, Uncle, & Father. I’m in PLUTO.

I do it because I love it.

Describe the area where you grew up? What does the music coming out of there sound like – Is there a distinct “regional sound”?

That’s a tough question for me because I grew up in a lot of cities throughout Southern, CA. But all in all, the sound was always funky and funky brings out the genuine side of an artist. You tell it like it is type of swag.

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21 year old Vince Staples of North Long Beach is without a doubt one of the best doing it in the West right now. While still straddling the line between moderate success and mainstream recognition, his future looks undeniably brighter than the bleak tales of drugs and violence he narrates for us in Screen Door.

This video is the third release from his 7 track EP Hell Can Wait which came out last October. It follows Vince through scenes of Long Beach life, and there is a disarming stillness and haunting nature to this video which gives you the impression of danger lurking around each corner. 

Listen to Hell Can Wait in full here, and watch Vince freestyle like a beast on Sway In The Morning here.

Vince Staples is on Twitter & Instagram



2014 was full of groundbreaking musical releases from all corners of the earth. Regardless of your personal taste, this year there was something for everybody.

The following list is my top 10: From heavy hip hop, to summery jangle pop, to fluttery acid jazz; this genre-blending collection of sounds defines my taste perfectly – Inclusive, Diverse, and Eclectic.

Here we go:


Vince Staples – Hell Can Wait

The lyrical talent of Long Beach native Vince Staples is truly crippling. If Kendrick is the voice of hope, then Staples is the mouthpiece for the hopeless. Hell Can Wait is a captivating tale of drugs, crime, and police brutality. “And they expect respect and non-violence.. I refuse the right to be silent.” With resigned honesty, he tells the stories that are often overlooked. Unlike many of his peers, he is not glorifying street culture and violence or even necessarily trying to change anything; rather he is criticising the corrupt system that has taken so much from him and those he loves; the society that forces people down and makes us turn on each other in order to survive. “North Division tryna stop my blackness.” Staples is a much needed addition to the current state of hip hop because he raps from a place of truth and maturity far beyond his 21 years. His flow is calculated and alters itself seamlessly to fit the beat – At times firm and vehement, it then gracefully speeds up to dance over the tripped out haunting production.

Stand Out Tracks: 65 Hunnid, Hands Up, Feelin the Love

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