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pseuBoard is hands down my favourite new app – [Note: I may be bias] Because it was created by one of my best friends, Astley Lee, I’ve had access to it in all its different manifestations for the last few months. The latest update to the app improves the ease of use dramatically and it is now ready to be shared with the world.

Put simply, pseuBoard is a .gif sharing application but what makes it unique and exceptional is that it presents as a keyboard which can be added alongside your regular/emoji-boards, therefore the gifs are as accessible as typing a word or set of *heart-eye* emojis.

On top of ease and accessibility, the true winning element is the assortment of gifs Astley has collected for use – There is something for everyone and beyond that, there’s a clever/smart-ass way to answer any of your friend’s texts. Seriously. Most of the 100+ gifs on the app are #rare and will truly have your friends impressed while in fits of laughter. Over the last few months, I’ve had countless “wow”, “you’re the gif queen”, and “how do you do it!?” responses to my gif-filled rants.

I guess my secrets out. Oh well.

[My personal favourite .gif from the app]

pseuBOARD iOS Keyboard is now available in the App Store – COP UP FAM!

Pseu Co. is on Twitter & Instagram
Astley is on Twitter & Instagram

(Big up to Ast for including a DOVE’S DIARY .gif on the app! Love you bro.)



My favourite Tupac song and video.

This is a bonafide summer jam and needs to be played loud at the function!



“There’s gonna be some stuff that you’re gonna see that’s gonna make it hard to smile in the future. But whatever you see, through all the rain & pain you gotta keep a sense of humour, gotta be able to smile through all this – Remember that. Keep ya head up.” – Tupac Shakur

This past month has been uncharacteristically tragic, not just for me personally, but for the world. Amid all the chaos, horror, and heartache, I feel it’s important (for my own sanity) to note down in black and white just a few beautiful things I’m grateful for at the moment:

  • True Story: Sometimes I just Google ‘Tupac Smiling’ and scroll through pictures. Maybe that’s absolutely ridiculous of me, but come on – dude had a great smile; Also, his EYELASHES. Another awesome thing featuring Tupac is the film Poetic Justice. If you haven’t seen it, change that.

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[This post is dedicated to Eden – Thanks for the music bruh bruh]

I’m well aware by now that my passion for music to some may seem overwhelming and perhaps even irritating – However, just like your annoying but endearing best friend who won’t shut up about her new bf Todd or Travis or whatever his name is, I’m going to talk about my Number #1 Lover yet again.

For me, it all starts with a feeling. You know; THAT feeling. The one you get when you hear something so important and so beautiful that it shocks you; Halts you; Drowns you. I get this sensation from music in different levels almost daily – It’s like a drug to me. I’m always seeking out a better song, a more epic feeling, a stronger and intensified love. To be honest, the chase itself is irrelevant because once a set of sounds gives you that high, it stays with you. Sure it may fade slightly over the years, but there’s this bittersweet thing called nostalgia which ensures you’ll never forget the simple details of something that once affected your core, however long ago it was. Sure, the notion of falling in love with intangible sonic energy transcends logic, but I can tell you – It’s very real. Music takes on a life of its own, and songs forge out indelible legacies that remain for years to come. Remain even after we’re gone.

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