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Avalon is a Melbourne-based tattoo artist. Through sheer hard work and talent, Avalon has managed to build a huge online following in an insanely short amount of time. Avalon’s tattoo style is playful, feminine and fun, which makes her a highly sought after artist. She is currently working at The Grand Illusion in Malvern, VIC. Outside of tattooing, she models, paints, makes electro music, and is a dedicated vegan.

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[Photo by Roxy Art]

[Photo by Roxy Art]

I met Todd nearly a year ago in my backyard in Melbourne. It was a freezing winter night and we were throwing yet another party at the house for some reason or other. He was warm, friendly, and polite – Basically everything your mother told you not to expect from a man with face tattoos. In the following months, through mutual friends and familial connections (Hi Nate), I saw him more and more. At the time of our meeting, I wasn’t heavily aware of him or his music but I’m grateful I can now say different.

The sound and flavour Louie Knuxx brings to New Zealand music, as well as the world of music in general, is something completely refreshing and unique. From the moment I heard his distinctive voice, the slow but sure way he enunciates each word, and the haunting sounds which pour out surrounding his stream of consciousness, I was hooked. In an industry which has often seen formula and repetition prosper over individuality and truth in the last few years, his is a voice which brings hope amidst struggle.

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