[Archy for Another Magazine by Willy Vanderperre]

20 year old musician Archy Marshall aka King Krule is perhaps not the typical strain of person who springs to mind when you hear the words “fashion icon,” but that’s exactly what he is. The immediately distinguishable quality in his personal aesthetic is a casual nonchalance and disregard for showiness or ostentation – Now that’s not to say his look isn’t polished or together, but rather gives the impression that above all, Archy will wear what he feels comfortable in, which in and of itself makes him the rare breed of ‘cool’ stylish people the world over try to emulate.

Born and raised in South London, his style and persona seems to be an unapologetic reflection of this environment and presumably, his experiences. There’s something about the clothing he chooses to don on a daily basis, that as an outsider, I can’t help but be attracted to because it’s so authentic and so synonymous with my perception of life and culture in London. During the last 3-4 years he has been in the public eye, there’s been very little change to how he dresses which further cements his approach to style as being organic and natural.

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