King Pervert is back at it.

Sex Quest 3 coming soon.

[Listen to Sex Quest 1 & 2 here.]



My good friend Anthony aka SPEAK dropped a surprise 7 track EP ‘Summer Time Radness’ earlier today, just in time for the weekend. This comes only 2 months after the release of his wildly successful album ‘Gnarly Davidson vs The Marlboro Men’. The EP is beautiful, bouncy, bubbly, and worth far more than $8 so grab a bargain.

“I’ma get this money like I’m playing for Madrid, Cristiano’s on my feet, a couple baddies at the crib. I woke up in the morning like dammit you the man, got dammit you the man, got dammit you the man” – Casket

Full Interview With Speakinho Coming Soon!

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[EP art by the always amazing Dewey Saunders]