King Pervert is back at it.

Sex Quest 3 coming soon.

[Listen to Sex Quest 1 & 2 here.]




[Photo by Kayla Reefer]

I met the charismatic CJ – more commonly known as Cashius Green or Pastor Green – through my friend Anthony (Speak!) around this time last year when we all stayed at the same house in Palm Springs for Coachella.

I think anyone who knows CJ personally will agree, the first and most striking thing about him is his way. He walks into the room with so much style that it’s hard not to stop and stare. His swag is effortless; He dresses like a 90s pimp enroute to a pool party – Not an easy look to pull off but CJ kills it.

While he hails from the West, his accent drips with a Southern drawl due in part to family roots in Memphis. His voice on a track is unmistakable – He has a rap style that goes hand in hand with his look and personality; the words dance over the beat with dynamic and calculated rhythm.

His is the type of cool you can’t emulate.

[Cashius Green by Me]

Get to know the Pastor –

Dove: Who are you, where are you, what do you do, & why do you do it?

Cashius: I’m an artist, Botanist, Outer-space Baller, Astral Traveller, Healer, Teacher, International Pleyboy, Son, Brother, Uncle, & Father. I’m in PLUTO.

I do it because I love it.

Describe the area where you grew up? What does the music coming out of there sound like – Is there a distinct “regional sound”?

That’s a tough question for me because I grew up in a lot of cities throughout Southern, CA. But all in all, the sound was always funky and funky brings out the genuine side of an artist. You tell it like it is type of swag.

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featuring Caleb Stone – Sex Quest EP 2:

One of my favourite rappers/humans in the world, Speak! (LA) has teamed up with his ridiculously talented roommate, producer Caleb Stone and blessed us with the 2nd instalment in his 3 part Sex Quest Series.

He’s assembled an insane group of greats for this one, among them Miami visual artist/sing-rapper Lofty305, multi-faceted ATL producer and occasional rhymer Brandon Thomas, and the dynamic Deniro Farrar, a rapper out of North Carolina.

Check it out above, buy it here, and follow Speak and Caleb on Twitter to find out more about the final release – Sex Quest EP 3 

[Incase you missed it, head over to BandCamp to listen to/buy the 1st Sex Quest EP released last month]


My good friend Anthony aka SPEAK dropped a surprise 7 track EP ‘Summer Time Radness’ earlier today, just in time for the weekend. This comes only 2 months after the release of his wildly successful album ‘Gnarly Davidson vs The Marlboro Men’. The EP is beautiful, bouncy, bubbly, and worth far more than $8 so grab a bargain.

“I’ma get this money like I’m playing for Madrid, Cristiano’s on my feet, a couple baddies at the crib. I woke up in the morning like dammit you the man, got dammit you the man, got dammit you the man” – Casket

Full Interview With Speakinho Coming Soon!

Find Speak on Twitter, Instagram, & Soundcloud

[EP art by the always amazing Dewey Saunders]



Dewey Saunders was first brought to my attention when my friend Speak posted one of his illustrations to instagram. Immediately engaged, I clicked through to his profile to see more. Straight away my eyes were bombarded with image after image of bright colour, clever collage, and beautiful visual nostalgia. Dewey has a true gift – Simply, his art makes you happy. Furthermore, for someone with such an apparent artistic style, after deeper research, I found his work to be very versatile.

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