King Pervert is back at it.

Sex Quest 3 coming soon.

[Listen to Sex Quest 1 & 2 here.]




featuring Caleb Stone – Sex Quest EP 2:

One of my favourite rappers/humans in the world, Speak! (LA) has teamed up with his ridiculously talented roommate, producer Caleb Stone and blessed us with the 2nd instalment in his 3 part Sex Quest Series.

He’s assembled an insane group of greats for this one, among them Miami visual artist/sing-rapper Lofty305, multi-faceted ATL producer and occasional rhymer Brandon Thomas, and the dynamic Deniro Farrar, a rapper out of North Carolina.

Check it out above, buy it here, and follow Speak and Caleb on Twitter to find out more about the final release – Sex Quest EP 3 

[Incase you missed it, head over to BandCamp to listen to/buy the 1st Sex Quest EP released last month]