In honour of my first ever visit to the Chi, here is a playlist of some of my favourite music birthed by people from this city.

Chicago sounds have always held a special place in my heart because there is a level of diversity in the stories which escape the confines of this city and enter our worlds which doesn’t seem to exist as notably anywhere else.

Chicago – Keep doing you, we love you.

The rest of you – Enjoy.

D x



The Anti-Hiphop Playlist

You know when, as much as you love something, constant exposure makes you absolutely sick of it? I’m having that moment with Hip Hop/Rap right now. So, in the spirit of “absence makes the heart grow fonder,” coupled with the fact that Melbourne weather is on crack and we’ve had a completely bleak and rainy week (S/O Summer!), I put together a mellow and lugubrious playlist of all things smooth, all things chill, all things vintage, and all things un-hiphop.

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Some of my favourite old and new hip hop to start your weekend right!

Special Mentions:

OutKast – Rosa Parks

This is one of the better known OutKast songs, and for good reason. Both Big Boi and Andre absolutely kill their verses with two completely unique flows that dance atop that blues-infused beat perfectly. The hook is fun, melodic, and so catchy that it will live on for generations to come. To top it all off, 3 stack’s verse so eloquently articulates the perils of being an artist and the constant pressure to produce something better than what you’ve given already. “Baby boy you only funky as your last cut.”

Onyx – Slam Harder

John Sebastian’s ‘Welcome Back’ is one of the most recognisable samples in hip hop – Everyone from AZ to Mase to T.I has used it to reintroduce themselves as the hottest around; But no one was as epic as Onyx. To go from a 70’s Folk sample into THAT beat is ridiculous. This song makes me stupid hype with lines like “that’s not a threat, it’s a promise”, “I’m like BIG’s 1st album, I’m ready to die”, and “that’s right muthaf*cker, ONYX FOR LIFE.” My big brother used to play this over and over when I was young and it was one of my favourites ever. The video is absolutely epic with Fredro Starr rapping on top of an ice cream truck in oversized FUBU. (Sidenote: Coincidentally, Vince Carter was my favourite basketball player around this time.)

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