My friend, Auckland-based rapper Todd Williams (aka Louie Knuxx) is looking to release his new album Tiny Hearts within the next month. And now for the really exciting bit – YOU can be a part of ensuring that this project sees the light of day by contributing to his Boosted album campaign.

Here are a few words from Todd:

My third full length project Tiny Warm Hearts will be my best yet, my magnum opus as they say (do they say that?). 

Ten tracks of progressive romance rap brought to life with the assistance of Mzwetwo, Haz Beats, Fortunes and many others oh and YOU! 

You can be a part of NZ rap history, by contributing to my boosted campaign you can ensure this project actually see’s the light of day and attention it deserves.

I always put my music up for free and I would like to keep it that way but it does make it difficult financially when it comes to winding up the process and getting the music mastered, getting the art work done and all those other costs that come into play. Labels and funding bodies don’t get me but my listeners do, this is why I am appealing to you the audience to be apart of this.

What I plan to do to make this interesting for all is document as much of this process as possible. We are looking at releasing the album in mid November and up until that point (and after) I want to document as much of the journey as I can and share it with you. This is exciting for me because I love when artists do that shit.

In addition to this when we hit certain goals I will release things like songs, videos, artwork and a tracklisting, 

Anyhow it does feel a little odd to call on the generosity of your listenership  but I guess this is for the lovely souls who insist on paying for my music even when I tell them to get it for free (which you can do on my Louie Knuxx bandcamp btw).

Thanks so much!

Louie Knuxx

Because the campaign has now reached (and surpassed!) 50%, Louie Knuxx has released a heartfelt and stirring new single, Mercury Plaza.

Check out the single below and if you like what you hear, head over to Boosted to support the cause.

Louie Knuxx is on BandCamp, SoundCloud, Facebook, Twitter & Instagram, and also is part of a killer team who release a weekly podcast called ‘How Not To Be An Asshole’ which you can check out here.



[Dan, Dom, Todd – Photo by Cameron Robinson]

My friend Todd Williams (Louie Knuxx) has been running an hour long weekly podcast with fellow New Zealanders, Dominic Hoey (Tourettes), and Dan Mawby. While Dan exists mostly in the background as the technical wizard, Todd and Dom tackle the airwaves with their own brand of unique and refreshing candour. Both men are exceptionally informed and hilarious, which makes for some interesting dialogue.

Each week they feature a different guest or guests, and cover a wide range of topics, with nothing excluded as too sacred. They are now 21 episodes in, and have spoken with politicians, police, bloggers, rappers, and athletes.

Check out my 3 favourite episodes below:

HNTBAA is on SoundCloud, iTunes, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram



[Photo by Roxy Art]

[Photo by Roxy Art]

I met Todd nearly a year ago in my backyard in Melbourne. It was a freezing winter night and we were throwing yet another party at the house for some reason or other. He was warm, friendly, and polite – Basically everything your mother told you not to expect from a man with face tattoos. In the following months, through mutual friends and familial connections (Hi Nate), I saw him more and more. At the time of our meeting, I wasn’t heavily aware of him or his music but I’m grateful I can now say different.

The sound and flavour Louie Knuxx brings to New Zealand music, as well as the world of music in general, is something completely refreshing and unique. From the moment I heard his distinctive voice, the slow but sure way he enunciates each word, and the haunting sounds which pour out surrounding his stream of consciousness, I was hooked. In an industry which has often seen formula and repetition prosper over individuality and truth in the last few years, his is a voice which brings hope amidst struggle.

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