My friend Josh Lynch has been busy trying to make the world a better and more beautiful place by creating a platform called Many Hands through which talented artist’s work can be sold, with the proceeds going toward helping worthy local causes (Ondru, The Torch Project, & In Our Own Words) and sustaining this amazing art project.

If you want to lend a hand, you can learn more and make a pledge of any size via Pozible here.

To view work by the awesome artists who have generously donated their time and talents, visit the Many Hands gallery here.

The concept is magnificently simple – We believe art can change the world. If you do too, BUY ART. DO GOOD.

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Bambu is the most recent release from London’s Kojey Radical, the innovative young man who floats effortlessly from writing poetic raps, to modelling, to creative directing/styling for fashion labels, and finally runs his own artistic platform, PUSHCRAYONS.

For someone who truly does it all, he is unflinchingly self-aware. While his words never fail to offer disarming insight into his mind and experience, they also act as a mirror, forcing us to look at ourselves and the world around us.

Listen. Think. Enjoy.

Kojey is on SoundCloud, Twitter, & Instagram



By John Vettese for The Key

If you’ve been messing with my site for a while, no doubt you would have seen mention of my friend Dewey Saunders, the incredible Philly-based artist who creates beautifully coloured illustrations and collages, usually depicting culturally relevant musicians. (I’ve interviewed him and also directed you to his awesome online store.)

Yesterday Dewey paid homage to Drake in the wake of his newly released project If You’re Reading this it’s too late by posting the super dope, mint green heavy illustration of Champagne Papi you can see above to his Instagram account. Within a matter of hours, drake had reposted the image to his 7.3 million Instagram followers, however there was no mention of the name Dewey Saunders anywhere to be found.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a well-known artist has reposted another lesser-known individual’s art without crediting them, and it won’t be the last.

John Vettese has written a great article about the Drake/Dewey situation for Philly music website, The Key, and furthermore, has opened the door for a wider dialogue about why this is such a relevant issue.

Read the article in full here.

Dewey: Website / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook
John Vettese: Articles / Twitter
The Key: Website / Twitter


21 year old Vince Staples of North Long Beach is without a doubt one of the best doing it in the West right now. While still straddling the line between moderate success and mainstream recognition, his future looks undeniably brighter than the bleak tales of drugs and violence he narrates for us in Screen Door.

This video is the third release from his 7 track EP Hell Can Wait which came out last October. It follows Vince through scenes of Long Beach life, and there is a disarming stillness and haunting nature to this video which gives you the impression of danger lurking around each corner. 

Listen to Hell Can Wait in full here, and watch Vince freestyle like a beast on Sway In The Morning here.

Vince Staples is on Twitter & Instagram