[Hugo // Melbourne // 2014 // by Me]

Hugo Mathias makes gnarly art and (like me) hails from the land of hobbits, lordes, and particularly lengthy clouds. We both grew up in Auckland, coincidentally attending high school less than a kilometre from each other – Hi Epsom Girls & Auckland Grammar – but actually only met last year as Kiwi expats in Melbourne.

His work is immediately recognisable for many reasons, the most obvious being his striking use of colour. A true and passionate creative, Hugo moves seamlessly through different mediums, never letting too long pass without a pen, brush, or can in his hands. His style and approach to art is consistently developing, and I can honestly say in the nearly 2 years I have known him, his work and talent levels still manage to regularly surprise and impress me.

Hugo does nothing without leaving his mark – You will always know his creations when you see them which is not only an endearing trait in a visual artist, but also a significant one. (He even did the art for this here website!)

He recently left the comfort of a steady and secure office job to pursue this art game full time, partly because you know, dreams and stuff, but also more importantly so he could tell cute girls that he is an “artist” – #Boss

He is currently doing work for a few collectives, publications, and venues, as well as taking commissions, and additionally produces personal projects which he then slangs via his online store so he can keep the love and prettiness flowing.

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