[Cuba, 1993 by Rene Burri]

Every single breathing human being on this earth has a life, an existence, a reality.. just as you do. The world that you are living in – with your hopes, dreams, fears, thoughts, emotions, the people you love, the things you see, the things you cherish, all of your goals – These are real to you. These are everything to you. This is your LIFE. It’s all you know. It’s what you hold dear, hold close. When you step back for a second and use your imagination, your compassion, your empathy; you will realise that every single person you come across has the same feelings you do. They have their own version of a life, a reality –  And it’s just as important to them as yours is to you. When you really feel, understand, and try to relate to that truth, soon it will be easy to be happy for people. To see people who are doing wonderful things, and rather than feeling hateful, bitter, jealous.. Thinking to yourself, ‘Wow, that person has reached a goal or accomplished something great, and that is so beautiful.’ It’s something they wanted so fiercely. Something they worked for. Sweat for. Lost sleep over. Lost money over. Maybe even missed important moments in order to manifest. Something they dreamt about, just as you dream and hope for things in your own world. Them doing well is amazing. It is beautiful. As soon as we can step back and put ourselves in someone else’s shoes so completely to the point of intuitively understanding their world as we have grown to understand our own – When we reach that level how can we not be joyful, awestruck, and inspired by another’s happiness and success? Me being envious or hateful of you will not magically propel me forward in my own life, and it won’t magically make you fail. All it will do is kill the love and kindness in me, which inevitably only hinders me and my growth, no one else’s. Let the success of others incite desire and passion in you, let it inspire you. We’re here on this earth to help each other. To live together. To share ideas of love and kindness, not to pull each other down or close ourselves off from one another. People are precious and special. People are beautifully fragile. Let’s only work to promote ideas of love and mutual togetherness. Let’s not ignore each other. Let’s SEE each other. We cannot push away the fact that we are all connected by the invisible force of a conscience. An understanding. A heart.

Be happy for people.


‘First Writing Since’ by Suheir Hammad, 2001 – Beautifully profound words. Relevant then… & regrettably still relevant now.