[Frank in Supreme]

The other day I had a scary thought – What if Frank Ocean has completely quit music? His excellent debut album Channel Orange was released in July 2012, nearly 3 years and 4 months ago. In the current musical climate, that’s a long time to wait before releasing a new project. While the media and sources close to Ocean claim that his new album (reportedly called Boys Don’t Cry) is finished and will be out “soon”, November 1st is here and it’s still quiet.

Before completely giving over to this depressing possibility, let’s shift the focus to his incredible style.

While mixing high end fashion with streetwear is certainly nothing new (in fact now days it’s ubiquitous), seeing it executed well is still a rarity. Enter Frank; who in my opinion, wholeheartedly personifies this trend.

As a decidedly enigmatic figure in music and beyond, Ocean hints to aspects of his personality through his style choices. Continue reading