[Friday night with Eden & Manu]

It’s a freezing Friday night in Auckland City and I’m on Ponsonby Road waiting to meet Eden and Manu aka ENO x DIRTY, Central AK’s latest addition to the thriving New Zealand music scene. Their EP, Easter Eggs & Good Sportsmanship was released last month to resounding, positive feedback. Noisey premiered it stating that the sound was something ‘both familiar and unique.’

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New York rapper Wavy Spice has gone through something of a rebirth in the last couple of years, releasing her latest EP, Metallic Butterfly in 2014 under the pseudonym, Princess Nokia. Known to the government as Destiny Frasqueri, Metallic Butterfly is a collaboration between Destiny and fellow New Yorker; Producer OWWWLS.

This project is equal parts earthy and other-worldly. It is soulful, reflective, digital, cosmic, and three-dimensional. It represents an important shift into a new realm for Destiny and her music, a place of supreme divinity, intelligence, exploration, and empowerment.

Watch the breathtaking visuals above (directed by Destiny and Milah Libin) for her latest single, Young Girls in which Princess Nokia pays homage to her fertility, strength, and womanhood.

Princess Nokia is on SoundCloud, Twitter, Instagram, & Tumblr



In preparation for her nine track EP dropping tomorrow, the beautiful and generous Kali Uchis has made the whole project entitled Por Vida available for streaming right now.

I was lucky enough to chat to Kali on the phone and hear a few of these unreleased tracks at the start of last month via her friend and manager, Henny, and was immediately struck with the impression that not only was this EP going to be something special, but also that Kali Uchis herself was about to get the recognition and support she truly deserved.

Her remarkable sound, voice, and style are key factors in what sets her apart in the music game of today. She draws from the 1960s and 1970s when it comes to her personal aesthetic and this also carries over to her music. She creates sounds which are elegant, polished, and poignantly honest.

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We live in a world full of possibilities. “Pop Culture” is such a loose term in 2014 because in the last decade we have witnessed creative output reaching the masses at increasingly viral rates. In a recent conversation with my housemates, we assessed the pros and cons of this undeniable fact – I questioned whether access to this much information and talent has killed any hope for original thoughts or ideas. After trying to make sense of the technological age in which we live, it was hard for the 3 of us to ignore the fact that in a lot of ways, we are lucky. Never before have we seen such a culture of sub-cultures. The internet has brought forth a home for anyone and anything. While there is clearly still a formulaic “mainstream,” no longer is it necessary to water everything down, filter out the outlandish, and eventually spoon-feed a lesser version of the initial creation to unsuspecting consumers. The internet has placed some of the power back into the hands of the people.

A decade ago we may not have seen a Kojey Radical. A decade ago his unorthodox art may not have reached and touched as many people as it has been able to in the last year.

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My good friend Anthony aka SPEAK dropped a surprise 7 track EP ‘Summer Time Radness’ earlier today, just in time for the weekend. This comes only 2 months after the release of his wildly successful album ‘Gnarly Davidson vs The Marlboro Men’. The EP is beautiful, bouncy, bubbly, and worth far more than $8 so grab a bargain.

“I’ma get this money like I’m playing for Madrid, Cristiano’s on my feet, a couple baddies at the crib. I woke up in the morning like dammit you the man, got dammit you the man, got dammit you the man” – Casket

Full Interview With Speakinho Coming Soon!

Find Speak on Twitter, Instagram, & Soundcloud

[EP art by the always amazing Dewey Saunders]