[Photo via Dan’s Instagram – @Threadslike]

I met Dan, a fellow young New Zealander living in Melbourne, just a couple of months ago at a mutual friend’s party. Since then I’ve been a keen follower of his work. There is an impressive element of calm in the beautiful images he captures, depicting some of the most stylish people in the world. His shots – largely candid – give the viewer clues about a given scene but also leave room for questioning or interpretation which I believe is an important part of what makes a good photographer. Dan has this astounding gift for capturing a subject’s serenity and grace, all while conveying the real movement in a moment.

In the last 5 years, we have witnessed the sudden and drastic rise in popularity of Street Style Photography, partnered with an ever-increasing blogging culture, meaning fashion is now more accessible than ever – Overall this is a huge plus, but it also comes with some negatives. Suddenly style itself is harder to characterise or even recognise because we are flooded with pictures of the same things day in, day out. Street Style imagery is a great tool in keeping things fresh and genuine because it involves real people, in real situations. It’s fashion in the field; Fashion on the ground. Street Style can be a constant and ever-renewing source of inspiration, but this is all dependent on a gifted photographer with their own eye for style and innovation.

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