In honour of my first ever visit to the Chi, here is a playlist of some of my favourite music birthed by people from this city.

Chicago sounds have always held a special place in my heart because there is a level of diversity in the stories which escape the confines of this city and enter our worlds which doesn’t seem to exist as notably anywhere else.

Chicago – Keep doing you, we love you.

The rest of you – Enjoy.

D x



I know I’m nearly 2 weeks late for Dilla Day, but honestly every day is Dilla day to me. In honour of the man and the legacy, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite Jay Dee produced/assisted tracks.

I think it’s important not only to acknowledge humans who have become iconic, but also to constantly question what it is about them or their body of work that resonates so deeply with us to the point we would openly give them the title of ‘legendary’.

For me with J Dilla, it’s a lot of things – Firstly, the diversity of his sound, his undeniable technical skill, his ear for samples and talent for picking out microscopic portions of a song and cutting/restructuring them into a completely contrasting creation, and his vast knowledge and respect for what seemed like every genre of music.

Furthermore, I love how on the surface his music can seem so uncomplicated and simple, but on closer investigation we begin to understand his genius through the complex and intricate layers which have been mixed and fused seamlessly to make the beat sound modest – They say less is more, but Dilla did more and made it appear as less.

Lastly, and most pertinently, it is his uncanny ability to project emotion through music like no one else. It is almost disarming the way a Dilla track can make you feel within seconds of pressing play. Although it’s hard to articulate this quality, anyone who is a fan will know exactly what I mean, and this is the mystery and magic of Jay Dee.




[This post is dedicated to Eden – Thanks for the music bruh bruh]

I’m well aware by now that my passion for music to some may seem overwhelming and perhaps even irritating – However, just like your annoying but endearing best friend who won’t shut up about her new bf Todd or Travis or whatever his name is, I’m going to talk about my Number #1 Lover yet again.

For me, it all starts with a feeling. You know; THAT feeling. The one you get when you hear something so important and so beautiful that it shocks you; Halts you; Drowns you. I get this sensation from music in different levels almost daily – It’s like a drug to me. I’m always seeking out a better song, a more epic feeling, a stronger and intensified love. To be honest, the chase itself is irrelevant because once a set of sounds gives you that high, it stays with you. Sure it may fade slightly over the years, but there’s this bittersweet thing called nostalgia which ensures you’ll never forget the simple details of something that once affected your core, however long ago it was. Sure, the notion of falling in love with intangible sonic energy transcends logic, but I can tell you – It’s very real. Music takes on a life of its own, and songs forge out indelible legacies that remain for years to come. Remain even after we’re gone.

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