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U.S.A, JUNE – JULY 2015



27 year old Clément Pascal, born in Paris and now residing in New York City, is not just another man with a camera – He is a man with an eye; A style and artistic signature. He has an astounding gift for capturing calm, warmth, and serenity. In a city like NYC; full to the brim with talented aspiring photographers, what has helped him stand out? Why did Complex Magazine list him as a Young Photographer to Watch? What is it about his work that holds the interest of Fashion, Music, and Journalistic heavy-weights like ACNE Studios, Alexander Wang, Urban Outfitters, Dazed & Confused Magazine, Acclaim Magazine, The New York Times? If we are being honest with ourselves, in 2014 artistic talent and high work output often aren’t enough to propel you into the big leagues, especially big leagues such as these – So what else is it? In a sense, I believe this certain “x-factor”, or “je ne sais quoi” is something that can’t be articulated. Something you just know when you see, particularly in a photographer. More than just talent, you have to bring a fresh view. Your perspective and the way you portray people, products, buildings, landscapes – whatever it is – has to help sell an idea, or communicate some kind of message.

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