MNDSGN is a Los Angeles based Filipino/American producer on the very eclectic Stones Throw roster. While his work has a lot of the dreamy elements which have become synonymous with living and creating in LA, he delves a little deeper into darkness than many of his peers. On top of this, there is a decidedly bouncy sway to much of his output. Yawn Zen will wake you up, then rock you back into a dreamy slumber.

Very gooey.

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The latest effort from Auckland-based producer, Jono Das seems to borrow from a vast and deep arsenal of musical influences – Jazz, Latin, Soul, Blues, Psychedelia, and Hip Hop.

His project, aptly titled ‘Illustrations’ combines all of these elements without fault, creating something as visually enriching as it is sonically forthright. Das, who also happens to be an artist, illustrator, graphic designer, and videographer, is no stranger to bringing ideas to life visually, however as of late, prefers to paint songs rather than pictures.

Illustrations is the perfect marriage between earth and space; a fusion of nature and the cosmos.

Listen above and download the project free here.

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[Photo by Kayla Reefer]

I met the charismatic CJ – more commonly known as Cashius Green or Pastor Green – through my friend Anthony (Speak!) around this time last year when we all stayed at the same house in Palm Springs for Coachella.

I think anyone who knows CJ personally will agree, the first and most striking thing about him is his way. He walks into the room with so much style that it’s hard not to stop and stare. His swag is effortless; He dresses like a 90s pimp enroute to a pool party – Not an easy look to pull off but CJ kills it.

While he hails from the West, his accent drips with a Southern drawl due in part to family roots in Memphis. His voice on a track is unmistakable – He has a rap style that goes hand in hand with his look and personality; the words dance over the beat with dynamic and calculated rhythm.

His is the type of cool you can’t emulate.

[Cashius Green by Me]

Get to know the Pastor –

Dove: Who are you, where are you, what do you do, & why do you do it?

Cashius: I’m an artist, Botanist, Outer-space Baller, Astral Traveller, Healer, Teacher, International Pleyboy, Son, Brother, Uncle, & Father. I’m in PLUTO.

I do it because I love it.

Describe the area where you grew up? What does the music coming out of there sound like – Is there a distinct “regional sound”?

That’s a tough question for me because I grew up in a lot of cities throughout Southern, CA. But all in all, the sound was always funky and funky brings out the genuine side of an artist. You tell it like it is type of swag.

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Love him or hate him, Kanye West understands culture. He understands that in order to shift culture and veer public minds into futuristic thinking, you must take risks. He understands that if you want to connect with the youth, you need to use the youth; learn from the youth.

These last two months have been intriguing as we have watched him make his return to music with four very different sonic offerings – First it was the stripped back, melodic, and heart-wrenching Only One featuring an emotional Kanye singing, with Sir Paul McCartney on the keys.

He followed that with another McCartney assisted track, FourFiveSeconds, this time adding Rihanna’s fiery vocals to juxtapose the simplicity of the folk-infused instrumental.

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I know I’m nearly 2 weeks late for Dilla Day, but honestly every day is Dilla day to me. In honour of the man and the legacy, I’ve put together a list of some of my favourite Jay Dee produced/assisted tracks.

I think it’s important not only to acknowledge humans who have become iconic, but also to constantly question what it is about them or their body of work that resonates so deeply with us to the point we would openly give them the title of ‘legendary’.

For me with J Dilla, it’s a lot of things – Firstly, the diversity of his sound, his undeniable technical skill, his ear for samples and talent for picking out microscopic portions of a song and cutting/restructuring them into a completely contrasting creation, and his vast knowledge and respect for what seemed like every genre of music.

Furthermore, I love how on the surface his music can seem so uncomplicated and simple, but on closer investigation we begin to understand his genius through the complex and intricate layers which have been mixed and fused seamlessly to make the beat sound modest – They say less is more, but Dilla did more and made it appear as less.

Lastly, and most pertinently, it is his uncanny ability to project emotion through music like no one else. It is almost disarming the way a Dilla track can make you feel within seconds of pressing play. Although it’s hard to articulate this quality, anyone who is a fan will know exactly what I mean, and this is the mystery and magic of Jay Dee.




By John Vettese for The Key

If you’ve been messing with my site for a while, no doubt you would have seen mention of my friend Dewey Saunders, the incredible Philly-based artist who creates beautifully coloured illustrations and collages, usually depicting culturally relevant musicians. (I’ve interviewed him and also directed you to his awesome online store.)

Yesterday Dewey paid homage to Drake in the wake of his newly released project If You’re Reading this it’s too late by posting the super dope, mint green heavy illustration of Champagne Papi you can see above to his Instagram account. Within a matter of hours, drake had reposted the image to his 7.3 million Instagram followers, however there was no mention of the name Dewey Saunders anywhere to be found.

Unfortunately, this is not the first time a well-known artist has reposted another lesser-known individual’s art without crediting them, and it won’t be the last.

John Vettese has written a great article about the Drake/Dewey situation for Philly music website, The Key, and furthermore, has opened the door for a wider dialogue about why this is such a relevant issue.

Read the article in full here.

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