My friend Josh Lynch has been busy trying to make the world a better and more beautiful place by creating a platform called Many Hands through which talented artist’s work can be sold, with the proceeds going toward helping worthy local causes (Ondru, The Torch Project, & In Our Own Words) and sustaining this amazing art project.

If you want to lend a hand, you can learn more and make a pledge of any size via Pozible here.

To view work by the awesome artists who have generously donated their time and talents, visit the Many Hands gallery here.

The concept is magnificently simple – We believe art can change the world. If you do too, BUY ART. DO GOOD.

[Art by Hugo Mathias]

[The Many Hands Team]

Follow Many Hands on Facebook & Instagram for updates!

[If you are an artist who is interested in getting involved, follow Josh on Instagram – @JoshuaJonLynch, or email him via – He’d love to hear from you.]


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