[Photo by Kayla Reefer]

I met the charismatic CJ – more commonly known as Cashius Green or Pastor Green – through my friend Anthony (Speak!) around this time last year when we all stayed at the same house in Palm Springs for Coachella.

I think anyone who knows CJ personally will agree, the first and most striking thing about him is his way. He walks into the room with so much style that it’s hard not to stop and stare. His swag is effortless; He dresses like a 90s pimp enroute to a pool party – Not an easy look to pull off but CJ kills it.

While he hails from the West, his accent drips with a Southern drawl due in part to family roots in Memphis. His voice on a track is unmistakable – He has a rap style that goes hand in hand with his look and personality; the words dance over the beat with dynamic and calculated rhythm.

His is the type of cool you can’t emulate.

[Cashius Green by Me]

Get to know the Pastor –

Dove: Who are you, where are you, what do you do, & why do you do it?

Cashius: I’m an artist, Botanist, Outer-space Baller, Astral Traveller, Healer, Teacher, International Pleyboy, Son, Brother, Uncle, & Father. I’m in PLUTO.

I do it because I love it.

Describe the area where you grew up? What does the music coming out of there sound like – Is there a distinct “regional sound”?

That’s a tough question for me because I grew up in a lot of cities throughout Southern, CA. But all in all, the sound was always funky and funky brings out the genuine side of an artist. You tell it like it is type of swag.

How do you think your surroundings contributed to you as a person/as a rapper?

They kept me humble when I veered off into the wicked side of life. I always remind myself that I’m the Chosen One. A Leader amongst my surroundings. Everybody I grew up with is rooting for me.

How long have you been rapping & what was it that inspired you to start in the first place?

Since forever; I just knew music was me from day 1. Song writing in general was my escape from class/reality. Rapping was just a genre that interested me. My thoughts leak like diarrhoea. It’s a way to control my outbursts.

You are a member of the West Coast collective UTB – Describe UTB to those who may not be familiar

Some God way back when planted the UTB seed in the soil of Moreno Valley CA; For the future of humanity.

UTB is Everything ART. We’re diverse and have many outlooks on creating magic for the now and then. But we all have the same vision. That’s what makes us so special.

Whether it be designing the merchandise for your favourite artist, or working with the Godly figures in the music business, it’s all steps we’re laying down to build this pyramid and die legends.

To me your sound is a slick fusion of the South and the West – Everything from chill to bouncy to smooth. How long has it taken you to develop your sound? Explain the Southern influence

Style with my words is very important to me. I’ve been influenced by a lot of izm and game in my days. The smoother the better. A man with real style can jump in and out of any genre and own it. It’s all in the balance baby.

I got roots in Memphis, TN on my Mom’s side, that’s the South in me. And I’m from Southern California. In my eyes that’s the South too.

Do you ever get writers block and how do you work through it?

Hell yeah I do. I go outside, live, & find something to write about.

[Photos via Instagram – @CashiusGreen]

You’ve worked with your homie Pheo a lot – What is it like to work with him and how would you say the two of you differ musically?

Me & Pheo are like mashed potatoes & gravy. He a laid back uncle type pleya. He got all the clever lines & I’m his nephew.

It’s Ying and yang.

It’s balance.

Who would you name as your top 5 influences? (Musical or otherwise)

My Pops

Bootsy Collins

My first pisces girlfriend

UTB as a whole

My own experiences

What are your goals/plans in the next few months for your music?

I just dropped BMMMA (Best Money Making Muhammad Ali). A 6 song voyage.

If you’re not making music, what are you doing? 

I garden.

I research the stars and planets.

I write scripts, skits, & books.

I connect the dots.

Let’s talk about your personal style because you are always on point! How would you describe your taste?

I’m a real fan of accessories: Sunglasses, rings, pins, coats, and fur scarves

I’m not big on brands. Whatever fits right.

Jay Z or Nas?

Jay Z

Rihanna or Beyonce?


Finish these sentences –

The most overrated thing in 2015 is


The most underrated thing in 2015 is


What the world needs more of right now is


What would your last meal on earth be?

Some flight AHI POKE

Any last words for the lovers & haters?

I love you too

[All above photos by Me]

Cashius Green is on SoundCloud, Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram


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