WATCH: Keith Ape – It G Ma

This video raises so many unanswerable questions in my mind and heart – Who are these people? Where did they come from? How does this video not have more views? Whose apartment is this? How do they afford such epic clothing/jewellery? What are they even saying?

Why will I never be this cool?!

LISTEN: Leon Bridges

25 year old Texan, Leon Bridges, is the reincarnation of Sam Cooke, Otis Redding, and everything else good and beautiful about 1960s soul. What a striking voice. (Thanks Man Repeller for this recommendation!)

READ: ACCLAIM magazine

Whether you prefer physical reading material, or the online world-wide web of words, ACCLAIM has got your back. For the latest on Music, Events, Culture, Art, and Style, check out – Printed copies of the quarterly magazine are available to purchase via their site.

CH-CHECK: Silent JaySummervibin’ Playlist

Melbourne based producer, singer, instrumentalist, and DJ, Silent Jay has made a pretty little summer playlist for your sonic consumption. You can check it out in full on local blog, Three Thousand, but for now, here’s a taste:

GO: To a gig!

If you are in Melbourne tonight, go out to see some live music! Vic Mensa is playing The Corner Hotel, RatKing are playing Ding Dong Lounge, Benjamin Booker is playing The Northcote Social Club, and Connan Mockasin is playing Howler. (Okay admittedly the last one is sold out, but you could get crafty widdit if you really wanted to)

Check out all of the above at Laneway Festival this Saturday – Tickets here.


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